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How does the production process work?
How does the production process work?

Printers we use for all the processes

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After an order has been sent to production, it will be sent to our production line queue. We have different production departments with specialized equipment to print on different product categories:

  • Clothing: We use DTG (Direct To Garment) method, ink is sprayed onto the garment and gets soaked into the fibers of the fabric. For clothing, we use Kornit Atlas Avalanche and Brother GTX-Pro Bulk printers. Know more about the process here.

  • Mugs, Metal Art and other sublimation products: For these, we use the sublimation method, basically, sublimation dyes are loaded into the printer, then the design is printed onto transfer paper. Heat is then used to transfer the print into the product. For mugs, heat is applied to the paper with a mug press, which causes it to transfer the ink to the mug. More information here.

  • Posters and Wall Art: Mimaki and Epson printers are used for posters and wall art, they have inkjet technology to print your designs with the best quality on the market. See more information here.

You can see your order's status through your dashboard, where you'll be able to see it go through all the necessary steps before it is shipped and delivered to your customer:

  • Created: Orders are created either manually or automatically from your store, depending on your store settings.

  • Synchronize: Your Awkward Styles products must be synchronized with your store's products in order to fulfill orders.

  • Paid: After your order's payment is confirmed, you will see this event in your order's history.

  • Processing: After the payment is confirmed, your order will be sent to production.

  • Transit: You will see this event after your order has gone through production and been in transit to your customer.

  • Delivered: The order has been shipped and delivered successfully to your customer.

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