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What technology is used to print on mugs?
What technology is used to print on mugs?

We use sublimation printing together with a mug press.

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We use the sublimation method to print on our mugs.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a process where a design is transferred into the blank product using ink, pressure, and heat. Heat and pressure have been a staple of the industry for a while now, new machines and processes are being reinvented every day and we keep up with the latest technology to better serve us and our customers needs.

Sublimation and heat transfer is a successful and fast way to produce amazing designs while being able to customize astonishing products like our mugs!

The sublimation process for mugs consists of 3 general steps:

  1. The sublimation dyes are loaded into the printer

  2. The design is printed onto transfer paper

  3. Heat is applied to the paper with a mug press, which causes it to transfer the ink to the mug. This results in a print that is way more durable than other printing methods.

Here at Awkward Styles, we are lucky to have highly trained professionals working with our sublimation printers, so we can assure you that every product that goes through our production department will be carefully manufactured and reviewed for high quality before being shipped out.

You can find more information about the sublimation printing process here.

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