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What technology is used to print on posters and wall art?
What technology is used to print on posters and wall art?

Our printers use inkjet technology to print on posters and wall art

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Interior design is something that is done naturally by everyone everywhere. To be able to customize a living space to your wants and needs is fun, exciting, and always changing. New methods and processes make the interior design experience more accessible to anyone, you don’t need to be a famous interior designer to make a room look like a work of art. Using different types of printing technology makes it even easier.

We use Mimaki and Epson printers for posters and wall art, which in turn use inkjet technology and Mimaki utilizes sublimation technology to print your designs. Inkjet technology is known for resulting in higher quality printing than other technologies such as laser printing, which is used for high volumes of prints rather than high quality. Sublimation is usually heat pressed after the ink has been printed on a separate paper, usually great for large-scale or patterned prints.

How does inkjet printing work?

Inkjet is the most common type of technology used by printers of all kinds, from the ones you use to print your documents at home, to large industrial printers. It consists of jets of ink being propelled from the nozzle into the printing material by a different method depending on the printer. For example, our Epson printers use a piezo inkjet head, which releases a droplet as small as 3.5 picoliters (that's 3.5 trillionths of a liter!) every time a short pulse of electricity is sent to the nozzle. This principle, together with the fact that there are hundreds of little nozzles in each printer, results in fast, highly detailed printing that ultimately leads to happier customers.

What is sublimation and how does it work?
Sublimation is one of the most versatile prints processes that can be utilized for custom prints. This printing method is a process where a design is transferred into the blank product using ink, pressure, and heat. Heat and pressure have been a staple of the industry for a while now, new machines and processes are being reinvented every day and we keep up with the latest technology to better serve us and our customer needs. For our wall art, we print on many different textures like hard surfaces, textile, and ceramic making sublimation very handy in that way.

Besides having top-notch printers at our disposal, here at Awkward Styles we also enjoy working with highly trained professionals who operate these machines and an excellent quality control team to ensure we only ship the highest class of products.

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