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What technology is used to print on T-shirts?
What technology is used to print on T-shirts?

We use DTG (direct to garment) to print on T-shirts and other textiles.

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Every person can agree that technology is advancing at a very rapid rate, every year innovations are taking place in every industry. Printing is no exception, with the advancement of printing on demand new processes have been innovated as well as keeping some older methods as well. With these rapid advancements comes innovation and new ideas for more people to experience.

We use DTG (direct to garment) technology to print on textiles, with our Brother and Kornit digital printers. Direct to garment technology allows us to explore more customizable approaches to our printing methods. Since it is digital we can edit specifications through a computer and send the information to the printer whether it be design specifications, color changes, or placement.

DTG is a process by which the ink is sprayed onto the garment and gets soaked into the fibers of the fabric. It's a fast process as there is little time needed to set it up beforehand. It has the advantage of being more eco-friendly than other printing methods and having a wider range of colors available to print and produces more detailed prints. As opposed to more traditional printing methods like screen printing, DTG offers more versatility and customization using the most advanced digital technology.

You can find more information about the DTG method here.

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