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What is a product template and how do I use it?
What is a product template and how do I use it?

Product templates are available to upload to your store at any moment. Here is how to create one

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In order to add a new product to your store from Awkward Styles, you must first choose an SKU + design combo (e.g. A Bella+Canvas 3001 black t-shirt in XL with an anime drawing) that you can then save to your templates. Product templates can be uploaded to any store you choose. After you upload a product template to any of your stores, it will become a listing.

How do I create a template?

Follow these steps to add a template to your collection:

  1. From your profile, visit the product catalog.

  2. Navigate the different categories to find a product you like.

  3. Once you've found your product, click on it. You'll be taken to the mockup generator, where you can add print files, text layers, product variations, and modify your design to make it look exactly like you want. Visit this article to learn more about the mockup generator.

After you have created your design, click on "Create Template". After you click on this button, your template will be ready to use. Click on "View Templates" to see your template collection. You can also click on "Create Order" to place a sample order for this template, or "Upload Product" to create a listing using this template.

You can access your Templates at any time from your profile by clicking on the section, as shown below:

This is what your Product Templates page looks like. Here, you can find all templates you have created so far, and choose to get sample orders or upload them to your stores at any moment to start selling.

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