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How do I apply my trial or coupon codes?
How do I apply my trial or coupon codes?

You can apply any code under your payment settings.

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Awkward Styles provides promotional offers in the form of trial subscriptions to our PRO-Plan or coupon codes for store credit.

It's very easy to apply coupon codes on our website. After logging in, navigate to your Dashboard, on the left-hand side of the page click on Billing > Payments.
This should take you to your payments page here you can manage your Transactions, apply coupon codes, and also upgrade to our PRO-Plan.

Subscription-based code:

This will allow you to unlock our PRO-Plan services at no additional cost for the dates that were presented with the coupon. If you decide to keep the subscription you can go ahead and subscribe and keep your benefits.

Store credit coupon code:

These codes are used to pay for an order and go into your Awkward Styles account balance which allows you to send orders to production. You can also split the difference if the coupon or balance is less than the order you can pay the difference using a credit card on file.

Please note:

  • In the same coupon entry box, you can utilize both subscriptions and discount codes.

  • If you acquire a pro-plan using a coupon code the bonus is not redeemable.

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