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How can I create a product with Awkward Styles?
How can I create a product with Awkward Styles?

How to make a new product from scratch and upload it to your store

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You can choose any of the 150+ products available in our catalog and start designing today, even if you do not have designs of your own: thanks to our Awkward Styles Community Library, you can add creative art files to your products for a small extra cost (as low as $0.49 per item!), some even completely free! See more details about the Artist Community Library here. You can create and list as many products as you want there is no limit

There are two ways to start creating a product:

  • Starting with a design, which you can upload yourself or get one from the Awkward Styles Community, and then choosing a product for it.

  • Starting with a product from our catalog and then choosing a design for it.

Both options start differently and follow the same process after getting to the Mockup generator:

How to create a product starting with a design:

  1. From your profile, go to the Design Library.

    1. You can choose to upload your art files in the "Your Designs" tab or get designs made by members of the Awkward Styles Artist Community in the "Awkward Styles Community" tab.

  2. Once you've uploaded or found a design you like, click on "Create".

  3. The product catalog will pop up. Search for a specific product or browse the catalog to find one. Once you've found the product you were looking for, click on it to start creating a template.

    How to create a product starting with a blank:

  1. From your profile, visit the Product catalog.

  2. Search for a specific product or explore the different categories to find a blank product you like.

  3. Click on the desired product to start designing.

After you've gone through these steps, whether you started with a design or with a blank product, you will be taken to the mockup generator, which is a tool designed to help you customize your product so it's made exactly how you want it. Visit this help center article for more information on how to use the mockup generator.

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