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How to edit my store settings?
How to edit my store settings?

You can change your store's settings from the Integrations page

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You can manage all your connected stores by visiting the Stores page from your dashboard. Click this link to visit the Stores page.

From the Stores page, click on the Settings button on the store you'd like to configure.

In your store settings, you can find the following configurations for your store:

  • Store info

    • Store name: change your store's name for easier identification.

    • Your site (URL): your store's link.

  • Store address

    • Default address: stores use Awkward Styles' warehouse address by default. This information shows up on shipping labels (under your store's name).

    • Custom address: add your own address. This information will show up on shipping labels and will be used when a package is returned to sender.

  • Advanced

    • Default markup: the percentage item prices are increased by, relative to Awkward Styles' catalog prices. Setting up a default price markup will save you the work of filling out the prices one by one when you upload your products to your store. However, you will still be able to change your markup when you upload your products.

    • Order confirmation: can be automatic or manual:

      • Automatic: Orders imported from your store are automatically sent to production each hour.

      • Manual: You have to manually confirm before sending every individual order to production.

    • Formats: can be imperial or metric:

      • Imperial: uses pounds, inches, etc to display product details on your store.

      • Metric: uses kilograms, centimeters, etc to display product details on your store.

    • Use product alternatives for my orders: Stock issues might delay the production time of orders. By accepting product alternatives for out-of-stock products, we will fulfill your order immediately with the alternative with higher quality for you free of charge when the original product is not readily available in our inventory. See more information here.

    • Danger zone: be very careful with these buttons!

      • Deactivate store: stop receiving orders for this store without deleting it. It can be reactivated later.

      • Delete store: permanently delete your store (this action cannot be undone, but you can manually connect your store again in the future).

For further information, check out our video tutorial:

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