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What is a product alternative and how can I set up my alternative?
What is a product alternative and how can I set up my alternative?

Product alternatives can be used to cover items that are OOS

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When a product goes out of stock, we can automatically replace it with a similar product, using the same print file and color you selected originally. This allows production delays to be avoided and for orders to be fulfilled on time.

How to activate product alternatives in my store?

  1. From the “Integrations” page, go to your store settings

  2. Select your store’s settings and go to the Advanced tab

  3. Tick the “Use product alternatives for my orders” box

What happens if I don’t have product alternatives set up?

There are two possible scenarios that you may encounter:

1. Manual order

When you place a manual order, order creation will be paused if any of the items are out of stock. You will be provided with a set of alternatives to replace the original SKU. You can then choose an alternative to be used with the order or discard the unavailable item or items from the shopping cart.

2. Order imported from store

If product alternatives are deactivated for your store and a product happens to be out of stock but is not expected to be restocked soon, the order will be put on hold and you will be presented with a product alternative. You can choose to use the suggested product alternative, cancel the order or remove the unavailable item.

Are product alternatives cheaper or less quality?

Items that are used as alternatives are products from our catalog that have similar characteristics as the original you ordered. There may be slight variations but the alternative item’s build quality will be equal to or greater than the original product.

Will I be charged for the price difference if I use product alternatives?

No, product alternatives are free of extra charges.

Will my customers know I’m using an alternative?

If you have activated the use of product alternatives for your store, nothing will be added or subtracted from your listings. Everything will visually stay the same, but you are free to inform your customers whenever a product alternative is used to fulfill one of their items.

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