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New Arrivals: Bags, & Backpacks
New Arrivals: Bags, & Backpacks

All about our new POD tote bags, backpacks and wine bags

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Bags: Tote Bags, Backpack, & Wine Bag

Awkward Styles proudly introduces a curated selection of eco-conscious and durable print-on-demand essentials designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Our new arrivals showcase a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style or functionality. From the rustic charm of our Celebration Cotton Wine Bags to the everyday practicality of our Recycled Classic, Merch, and Casual Canvas Totes, each product is crafted with care and responsibility. We've also included the Organic Cotton Drawstring Backpack for those seeking a blend of minimalist look and eco-friendly materials for their designs.


The Celebration Wine Bag is an exquisite choice for enhancing the presentation of wine bottles. These bags are crafted from pure cotton. They exude a natural, rustic charm, making them an excellent canvas for creative customizations. Their versatile shape also accommodates jars and other round-based items. These bags are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. They are ideal for enhancing the ambiance of rustic-themed events or adding a personal touch to celebrations. The drawstring closure ensures the bottle within is secured with elegance, offering a peek of the bottle's neck for a tease of what's inside.

Celebration Wine Bag is a very good option for gift giving. Their robust material is perfect for printing any form of decoration, making them a blank slate for promotional messages or event-specific branding. They have the perfect dimensions to snugly fit a standard wine bottle. These bags are both a stylish choice for event favors, and an effective marketing tool for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression.


The Recycled Classic Canvas Tote is a sustainable and sturdy companion for daily errands. This tote is designed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day tasks while supporting the environment with its robust and recycled canvas fabric. This tote is a go-to bag for carrying necessities such as a stack of books for school, essential files for the office, or fresh produce from the market with ease. Its substantial 21" handles offer comfortable transport for a day out such as a leisurely park visit or a sunny day at the beach.

Our Recycled Classic Canvas Tote is the perfect bag for those who value eco-friendly fashion and functionality. The 10 oz recycled canvas is resilient and its material contributes to a unique texture and hue, with each bag flaunting its own distinctive character. The spacious flat bottom design promises ample room for items. Simple yet sophisticated, this tote is an excellent pick for anyone looking to combine practicality with a pledge to sustainability.


The Recycled Merch Canvas Tote is a capacious bag that blends environmental responsibility with durability. Its large, accommodating structure is perfect for those who carry their world with them. The canvas material, conscientiously sourced from recycled fabrics, is tough enough to endure the daily grind. It showcases unique textures and colors, giving each tote its own individual personality. No matter how much is packed, this tote is built to bear the burden with reinforced stress points.

This tote's generous dimensions ensure all essentials are housed comfortably. The 23" handles are designed for over-the-shoulder ease, offering convenience and comfort no matter where daily needs lead to. It is a smart choice for the eco-conscious shopper, and its large canvas area serves as an excellent canvas for businesses to showcase their brand. This tote is an efficient blend of form, function, and sustainability.


The Recycled Casual Canvas Tote is a beacon of sustainability, meticulously crafted from recycled cotton canvas to support lifestyle while protecting the planet. The bag's sturdy construction with reinforced stress points ensures it can handle a hefty load for those who demand durability in their day-to-day carry. An internal pocket makes it an ideal pick for any activity by keeping valuables secure.

This tote's ample size is ideal for anyone looking to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing storage capacity. The 22" handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing for easy shoulder carrying. Each bag has its own unique character, thanks to the varying textures and shades of the recycled fabric. This tote allows opting for a lifestyle that values longevity, utility, and environmental mindfulness.


The Organic Cotton Drawstring Backpack has an eco-friendly and robust design. Constructed from 6-ounce certified organic cotton, this backpack shuns chemicals, thus ensuring a pure and natural carrying experience. The drawstring closure secures belongings while offering quick and easy access. It is perfect for gym enthusiasts, active sports participants, or students laden with daily necessities.

This backpack is the choice for a versatile, on-the-go bag. It is made entirely of durable, certified organic cotton, standing up to the rigors of daily use while offering the peace of mind that comes from choosing a chemical-free product. Used to carry workout gear, sports kit, or scholarly essentials, this backpack boasts the perfect blend of sustainability, durability, and affordability.

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