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How do I add Awkward Styles as my production partner on Etsy?
How do I add Awkward Styles as my production partner on Etsy?

A guide to Etsy's Handmade Policy

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Etsy, as a unique online marketplace, operates under specific policies designed to ensure transparency and trust for buyers. One crucial policy requires sellers to provide clear information about how their products are crafted.

For sellers using Awkward Style, it's important to indicate that your products are "handmade with production assistance."

Due to a technical limitation, this information cannot be automatically provided by Awkward Styles during the publishing process. However, sellers can easily address this by manually editing the product details on Etsy.

Products available on Etsy fall into two categories:

Handmade: Crafted entirely by the seller.

Handmade with Production Assistance: Designed by the seller but produced by another entity.

How to Adjust Your Products to Comply with Etsy Policy

  • 1. Create a product in Awkward Styles and publish it to your Etsy store.

  • 2. Edit the Product on Etsy:

    • Navigate to "Shop Manager" and select "Listings."

    • Click on the individual product listing to edit it.

3. Update "Who Made It?":

  • Scroll down to "Listing details."

  • In the "Who made it?" dropdown, select "Another company or person."

4. Add a New Production Partner:

  • Scroll down to "Production partners" and click "Add a new production partner."

  • Enter details about Awkward Styles:

    • Production partner: Awkward Styles

    • Location: United States of America

    • About production partner: A production partner

    • About your partnership:

      • Select: I don't have the technical ability to make it entirely by myself.

      • Select: I design everything myself.

      • Select: They do everything for me.

      • Click "Show preview" to see how it will appear in your store.

5. Customize Information Display (Optional):

  • It's not mandatory to display the full information; use the toggle to hide details.

  • Add "A print shop" in the "Descriptive title" field.

6. Save the Production Partner:

  • Save the newly created production partner and check the box to indicate its use.

7. Publish Changes:

  • Save the changes made to the product by clicking "Publish."

Congratulations! The adjusted settings will align your product listings with Etsy's policies. As you continue adding products to your Etsy store, be sure to replicate these adjustments for each product.

Ensuring transparency not only aligns with Etsy's policies but also builds trust with your customers!

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