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Why does Awkward Styles sell blanks now?
Why does Awkward Styles sell blanks now?
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Awkward Styles is a print-on-demand (POD) company that empowers you to kickstart your business without any upfront costs — you only pay when you make a sale. We've received inquiries about the possibility of purchasing blank garments without prints for easy comparison between brands and styles.

Additionally, we're gearing up to introduce a huge project where we’ll offer custom heat transfers and DTF (direct-to-fabric) transfers in Q1 of 2024. 🥳

Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to source both blanks and transfers from a single, convenient platform. By doing so, you can access popular brands and styles at wholesale prices, eliminating the need to juggle multiple accounts across different platforms.

We understand that our current wholesale blanks offerings may not cover all brands and garment styles. That's why we're thrilled to offer a diverse range of options with custom transfers. This will allow you to explore additional printing areas and experiment with various printing techniques beyond what Awkward Styles currently provides.

We believe that the combination of blanks and custom transfers is a fantastic option for you. It empowers you to work freely at your own pace while seamlessly collaborating with Awkward Styles as your trusted print-on-demand partner.

We're confident that with our upcoming transfer options, paired with our print on demand model, you’ll be able to bring your unique vision to life.

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