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What Printing Methods do we use?
What Printing Methods do we use?

Find out what kind of Printing Methods we offer here at Awkward Styles.

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Awkward Styles uses DTG (direct-to-garment), DTF (direct-to-film) sublimation, and inkjet printing methods. When we print on print on apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, etc), we use our DTG printers, Brother GTXPro, Kornit Atlas, and Kornit Avalanche, which are among the best in the industry. These options allow us to cater to your specific custom needs, ensuring vibrant and high-quality prints for all our products.

Whether you're looking for personalized apparel or custom home decor items, our printing capabilities are versatile and efficient. We continuously strive to provide the best printing solutions to bring your unique designs to life.

  • DTG (Direct to Garment) - DTG printing directly applies high-quality designs on garments using specialized inkjet technology. It works well on various fabrics like cotton, polyester, and blends, delivering vibrant colors and intricate details. DTG allows on-demand production, soft-touch prints, design versatility, and quick turnaround times, making it popular in the apparel industry.

    Learn more about the Direct to Garment printing.

    Note: Please note that if your design includes black ink on a black garment or white ink on a white garment, these elements may not be printed and could be automatically omitted. For optimal results, check your artwork on all color variants to ensure no crucial components are missed in the final print.

  • DTF (Direct to Film) - DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing transfers ink from a film to fabric, offering vibrant, high-quality prints with intricate details. It's compatible with various materials and efficient for large orders, making it a popular choice in garment printing. DTF is versatile and reliable, delivering durable prints on different substrates.

  • Sublimation - Dye-sub or sublimation printing is a digital technology that uses full-color artwork on polyester and polymer-coated items. It applies heat and pressure to turn ink into gas, leaving vibrant colors on the surface. It works on various objects like garments, pillows, mugs, and more.

    Learn more about the Direct to Sublimation printing.

  • Digital Inkjet Printing - Additional digital printing techniques are available for our canvas, posters, and other small-scale printing needs. These methods utilize ink-jet technology on our advanced digital printers, ensuring superior quality and vibrant color results.

NOTE: We want to ensure the best print results for your designs on the garments, especially black designs on black garments or white designs on a white garments. As some elements may blend with the shirt color, we recommend adding a lining or outline in a contrasting color to make them stand out and be clearly visible. This simple adjustment will enhance the overall appearance and ensure your design looks great on any garment color.

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