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Shipping surcharges for Holiday season 2022
Shipping surcharges for Holiday season 2022

There will be a temporary surcharge for the peak Holiday season.

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As we welcome the fourth quarter of 2022, shipping carriers are adding temporary surcharges for the holiday season. These surcharges will be applied to your shipping costs and will apply to all orders effective October 6th, 2022 to January 22nd 2023.

Shipping surcharges will be determined by category and Zone within the United States; a flat fee of $0.11 will be charged for all international orders. For a complete list of these charges, please see the spreadsheet below.

We've included a map below detailing which zone each state belongs to. Zones are determined by the carrier according to the location the package is shipped from. As can be seen in the spreadsheet above, Zones 1-4 will be charged $0.30, and Zones 5-8 will be charged $0.40-$0.99.

We're always happy to help with anything related to pricing information. If you have any questions, please reach out to our merchant support via Live Chat or [email protected]!

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