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How can I manage/update my email notifications?
How can I manage/update my email notifications?
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To keep our audience informed of the latest updates, products, or promotions we send out several types of email notifications to keep topics separated and have the utmost level of information provided.

To get to your email notification section navigate from your account dashboard, and click on settings on the left panel. Now select the tab that says notification settings.

Here you can personalize what kind of notifications you want to be sent to your email.

  • First, on the list, we have general account notifications, which can’t be disabled as they contain important information relating to your account.

  • Next, we have feedback & survey notifications. We always love hearing your opinions about how we can improve, so if you’d like to share them with us, you can leave this box.

  • Following is our newsletter, it contains a monthly newsletter with a summary of what we've been up to the past 4 weeks, collaborations with POD and Entrepreneur experts, product launches, user updates, and changes to the mockup or pricing. For this newsletter, you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe at any moment by clicking this box.

  • We know how important it is to keep on top of your orders, so we have this as an option also. If you’d like to receive email notifications updating you on the status of your orders, you can leave the Orders notifications on.

  • The Billing and Tax notifications will inform you of payment errors, deposits to your wallet, resale certificate status, and VAT reminders, so these can help stay on top of things.

  • Next at bat, we have our Awkward Styles guides and tutorial videos you can view on our youtube channel and other platforms as well. To get notified and stay on top of our new content created daily keep this notification active.

  • And finally, the offers and promotions notifications will alert you to all of the latest sales and seasonal discounts you won’t want to miss out on. These promotions run yearly and it is a great opportunity to grow your business periodically.

Once you’ve personalized the type of notifications you want to receive, click on update. Now you can personalize each notification to your liking.

Please Note: "Account" notifications cannot be turned off since these are vital for account notices and account information. All other notifications can be switched on or off as desired.

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