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How to add a production partner on Etsy?
How to add a production partner on Etsy?

When creating an Etsy store you can add a production partner when editing your other settings to get started.

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Etsy requires you to have a production partner listed to sell print-on-demand products through their sales channel. With Awkward Styles, it is very easy to add and use us as your partner.

Once you have integrated your Etsy store to your Awkward Styles account now you can start selling and add awkward styles as a production partner and edit the rest of your store.

Back on the Etsy page click on settings and production partner. A box menu will appear and will, be required to add information on the empty fields. Since each field is individually customized, select the option that best applies to your store.

You have to get the information correct and make sure there are no spelling errors. Please note that under “About production partner” you can put as you wish, but a good suggestion is.

“ A print on demand, fulfillment and dropshipping service for online retailers.”

And that is it! It is very easy to add Awkward Styles as a printing partner on Etsy. Now you can begin adding your first products and closer to your first sales.

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