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How to set up ETSY shipping settings?
How to set up ETSY shipping settings?

You can edit shipping settings under shop manager and link shipping profiles to desired products.

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To set up different shipping profiles on Etsy, start by navigating to your shop manager. From there click on the "Create Profile" button on the right-hand side of the page. That will open a box menu to fill in the shipping information required to create a specific profile such as Processing time, Shipping services, free shipping, and more.

Note: The profiles can be deleted or edited under the actions column.

Using these profiles you can apply them to individual products or grouped products.

To use this from your “Shop Manager” in Etsy navigate to "Listings".

  1. Choose the product(s) that you want to edit by clicking the small gear icon.

  2. Search for the shipping section by scrolling down.

  3. Select the desired shipping option and review the information.

  4. After making the desired changes save and publish.

For a step-by-step, Etsy tutorial check out this super informative video created by our friend Shimmy Morris in collaboration with Awkward Styles.

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