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Why is my Etsy not connecting to Awkward Styles?
Why is my Etsy not connecting to Awkward Styles?

Make sure your Etsy has completed the full set up and is activated.

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With Awkward Styles, you can easily connect various stores at once. We have easy plug-and-play integrations one of them being Etsy, one of the most familiar sales channels available.

When connecting the Etsy store to Awkward Styles, there are a few things to take into consideration before being able to fully integrate.

  1. Be sure that your Etsy store is fully completed and Active or it won't be able to successfully connect to Awkward Styles.

  2. Your store must have at least 1 listing (you can always edit or delete it later)

  3. Assure that your billing is all completed and you linked a bank or account to start.

  4. Lastly, make sure you have a 2 step authentication set up for Etsy.

Etsy being active is essential to be able to connect to Awkward Styles or any other print provider. For more information on how to connect your Etsy store please view this article here.

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