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How do I edit my design template?
How do I edit my design template?

You can edit, duplicate or delete your template from the product templates page on your Awkward Styles account.

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To find the template settings, from your dashboard navigate to product templates on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the three dots on the top right of any product template that you wish to configure. From those settings, you can choose to edit, duplicate or delete the template.

When editing you can go back and edit your design size, upload more layers, and edit product variants.

Make sure that you are doing the edit settings through your Awkward Styles account then you can republish the product to reflect on your sales platform.

Please Note: After modifying your template, it will not automatically reflect the change on your sales channel. The modified template must be synced to your sales channel listing through the product settings in your Awkward Styles account.

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