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Can I upload any design content to my library?
Can I upload any design content to my library?

Yes, Design Library is customizable and can upload any design content as long as it does not violate acceptable content guidelines.

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Our mockup generator makes it very easy to create and edit designs to match any product desired. You can upload any design, and image and even build your custom text all in one place.

As far as content goes, the designs are your creative expression and we do not set limits (other than legally mandated limits) on what can or cannot be printed, as each design library is customizable. There are only a few conditions that we suggest for the best print quality, such as the dpi settings, and png format.

Content that violates our Acceptable Content Guidelines or Intellectual Property Rights may be reconsidered or dismissed. Some examples of this are hate speech or direct threats of violence.

You can upload designs easily through our mockup generator and save them to turn them into templates or instantly make an order. Awkward Styles also has an Artist Design Library with many great designs at an affordable rate or free to use.

For more information on uploading a design click here.

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