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What does "white label" mean?
What does "white label" mean?

Awkward Styles offers white labeling as a service for your store

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White labeling is a service where products are manufactured by one company but sold under another marketer's name. In this case, Awkward Styles is the manufacturer and you are the marketer selling through your stores connected to your Awkward Styles account.

An everyday example of white labeling services being used is supermarket generic brand products. These products are sold under the supermarket's own name but it is not the supermarket who manufactures them. Instead, a third party offers them a white label service where they create the products and the supermarket can sell them under its own name, therefore eliminating the need for the supermarket to have dedicated production facilities for each of their generic brand products.

How does white labeling work in Awkward Styles?

The shipping label for orders sold by your store will contain your store's name as well as Awkward Styles' warehouse address by default. You can choose to use your own address instead of Awkward Styles' in your store's settings by following the next steps:

  1. Go to the Stores page

  2. Scroll down, find your store and click Settings

  3. Under the "Store Address" tab, click on "Custom Address"

  4. Add your address information and click the "Save" button

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