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Deadline dates for holiday orders 2021
Deadline dates for holiday orders 2021

Certain shipping methods have different timelines.

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For the last couple of months, many providers and shipping carriers encountered several issues involving general manufacturer deficits across all industries. To avoid stockouts, late packages, and confusion as much as possible we recommend that traders inspire their consumers into early shopping for these upcoming holidays.

It is highly recommended all customers are incentivized to begin their holiday shopping earlier than customary, this ensures a timely package to the destination.

We would like to share this quick table to show customers and providers recommended dates to place their orders and enjoy the holiday season.

Shipping Method

Timeframe to submit orders

US Standard

Dec 13

US Expedited*

Dec 16

International Shipping

Nov 26

*Expedited services are used according to the package's weight

It is important to please understand that while we strive to provide the best service and quality products available, we cannot control unexpected variables and therefore we suggest taking a look at our recommended dates for a better understanding of shipping dates for each product.

Happy Holidays!

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