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How are the shipping costs calculated for multiple items?
How are the shipping costs calculated for multiple items?

We calculate shipping costs according to item category.

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At Awkward Styles, we offer many products with multiple variants, therefore, the possibilities are endless. We understand sometimes things can become complicated when dealing with such issues as multiple items, especially with shipping costs.

Items are categorized by their product style, (shirts, sweaters, face-coverings). This is important to keep in mind when combining products for shipping. Product shipping rates can be combined if they are in the same category only. To view, all shipping rates click here.

When shipping items that are in the same product category the shipping cost is combined since both products are in the same category.

For example, a t-shirt, and a long-sleeve are in the same product category so you can combine those shipping costs. So it would be the cost of 1st and cost of 2nd item. If purchasing 3 garments within the same product category only 1 gets charged for the 1st item additional garments will go under 2nd item shipping cost. Thus, on the example below, the shipping for these 2 garments would be $6.48, not $8.98.

When shipping items with different product categories the shipping rates get charged at full price listed as 1st item and cannot be combined for a discount rate.

For example a t-shirt and a hoodie. These items are not in the same product category therefore they require a full price on shipping. If buying 3 items, not in the same categories they will all be charged from 1st item shipping cost. Thus on the example below shipping would be $11.99, not $9.98.

Please note that non-apparel items featuring size variations are eligible for reduced shipping rates solely when they fall under the same size category, such as posters, canvases, and similar products.

If the information on this article did not answer your question in full please contact our merchant support at [email protected].

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