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Shipping surcharges for Holiday season 2021
Shipping surcharges for Holiday season 2021

There will be a temporary surcharge for peak Holiday season.

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In order to meet the current demand, most major shipping carriers (DHL, USPS) have announced temporary shipping surcharges during the holiday season of this year 2021. This has a direct influence on printing and fulfilling industries, including Awkward Styles.

Because of this, a surcharge of $0.30 will be applied to all Awkward Styles orders shipped within the United States beginning October 7th until December 26th. After this time period, regular pricing will be resumed. The surcharge is applied per order. You will see the surcharge as a separate line at the checkout.

At Awkward Styles we strive for giving you the best pricing and quality available, however, there are certain factors in the supply chain we do not control. We appreciate your business and understanding.

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