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What printers do Awkward Styles use for wall art printing?
What printers do Awkward Styles use for wall art printing?

We use the Epson P10000 and Mimaki TS55-1800 printers.

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We use Mimaki and Epson printers for posters, canvas, and wall art, which in turn use inkjet technology and or sublimation to print your designs. Inkjet technology is known for resulting in higher quality printing than other technologies such as laser printing, which is used for high volumes of prints rather than high quality. Dye-sub or sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full-color artwork that operates with polyester and polymer-coated garments or objects using heat and pressure. Here are the 2 types of printers used for wall art.

Mimaki TS55-1800

Mimaki TS55-1800 is the evolutional sublimation transfer inkjet printer for textile/apparel use, which achieved the high production ability with the maximum printing speed of 135 sqm/h, the excellent functions, and useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation, and the reduction of running cost of manufacturing. We use this for our sublimation products.

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Epson P10000

We use the Epson P10000 printer for this task, a 44-inch printer that uses a PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead with 8,000 nozzles and Epson UltraChrome PRO archival ink technology for faster-than-ever prints that can last up to 200 years. This printer offers state-of-the-art ink technology, printheads, and media handling for extremely accurate colors at high-production volume. We use this printer for our canvas and posters.

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Besides having top-notch printers at our disposal, here at Awkward Styles we also enjoy working with highly trained professionals who operate these machines and an excellent quality control team to ensure we only ship the highest class of products.

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