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What printers do Awkward Styles use for garment printing?
What printers do Awkward Styles use for garment printing?

We use Brother, Kornit and Mimaki printers to print on garments.

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Awkward Styles print-on-demand use DTG (direct to garment) and sublimation process for printing on the garment and home living. When we print mostly apparel (shirts, sweaters, tank tops) we use our DTG printers which are Brother (GTXpro) and Kornit (Atlas, Avalanche).

When it comes to our home decor garments (pillows, banners, blanket) we use the sublimation printer Mimaki (TS55-1800). While they all essentially just print we use them all in combination to get the best quality possible.

While we can print with any printer on any product we use their own advantages to our benefit in turn giving us the best garment printed products on the market.

Kornit: Atlas, Avalanche

Click here for Kornit Atlas printer specifications, or here for the Avalanche printer. These printers are mainly used to produce major orders and have the advantage of self pretreat system, eliminating a huge process and time for production giving it fast turnaround rates.

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Brother: GTX-Pro Bulk
These printers are very resourceful and adaptable to many types of garments. With GTX printers it is easy to execute on-demand printing because of the versatility of switching between garments, easily adjustable settings, and speed all while maintaining an astounding quality of print.

Specifications for each printer can be found here

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Mimaki: TS55-1800
Sublimation is a must when going the custom on-demand printing route. With many capabilities under the hood, the Mimaki printer is used for both large-scale sublimation prints and small scale. With this printer, we can mainly print on polyester fabrics and blends giving us an extra hand on custom apparel.
Click this link to learn more about this printer.

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