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How does billing work for Pro?
How does billing work for Pro?

Information about payment schemes

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Once you upgrade to the Awkward Styles Pro plan, you will be charged for the price of your subscription, and your membership benefits will start immediately. Depending on the payment scheme you chose, your next payment will be automatically processed the next month (for the monthly plan) or the next year (for the yearly plan) on the same day you made your original purchase. (e.g. February 10th to March 10th).

What if I cancel my subscription?

You can decide to cancel your plan at any moment in time. If you do so, your Pro benefits will not expire immediately, they will last until your next billing date. After you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged for any subsequent billing periods.

Where can I purchase my Awkward Styles Pro subscription?

Click on the button below to be redirected to our Pro page, where you can see the pricing, all the benefits that come with Pro and make your purchase.

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