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How do I set up my payments in Awkward Styles?
How do I set up my payments in Awkward Styles?

How to choose your payment method for your store(s)

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Setting up your payment method is an important step to seamlessly start your journey with us. Here's how to add your payment information to your Awkward Styles account:

  1. From your Profile, click the dropdown menu under your name and go to "Payment".

  2. Add your payment information by clicking the "Add Credit/Debit card" button. You can also add a balance to your account using PayPal by clicking the "Add to your Balance" button.

After you're done with this, the payment method you chose will be charged for new orders imported from your stores or placed manually. You will also be able to use this payment account to purchase an Awkward Styles Pro subscription, which grants many benefits such as exclusive discounts on our products and one-time bonus credit you can use to place sample orders.

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Click the button below to see the available subscriptions and all Pro benefits:

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