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How are orders managed after customers buy from my store?
How are orders managed after customers buy from my store?

All the important steps explained for begginers

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After you've successfully connected your store (be it on Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce, or through API) to your Awkward Styles account, orders will start being sent our way and we will be able to process them.

  1. Whenever a customer places an order from one of your stores , the order information (SKU, print file, size and color) will be sent to your Awkward Styles store and you will be able to monitor its status through your dashboard. From here, you can make any changes to it or cancel it, before it is sent to production.

  2. Your registered payment method or account balance will then be charged for the order's cost. We will send your order to production when the payment has been confirmed.

  3. After the order has gone through production and been shipped, you will be able to see its tracking number under "Order events" from the dashboard. This information will also be automatically sent to your customer.

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