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What is dropshipping?
What is dropshipping?

The basics of what dropshipping means and how it benefits you.

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When using a dropshipping model, retailers and shop owners can fulfill orders directly from the print provider to their customers. This way, you do not need to keep products in stock, saving both time and space, therefore, giving more time for managing, designing, and marketing for your business.

What does the dropshipping process look like?

When we receive an order from your store, it will go into production, where we handle printing, packaging, and shipping directly to your customer from our fulfillment center. Our quality control department assures that the best product is being sent out to the customers and we have a great shipping system and work with many carriers to provide the best service all around.

Awkward Styles provides print-on-demand dropshipping. Once you integrate your store and create your products on our mockup generator, all you need to worry about is generating sales. All is done with Whitelabel service, meaning It's all done under your brand while we work for you. You sell we fulfill.

Key benefits print on demand dropshipping offers:

  • Build your business for less. Startup costs are significantly lower when you don't have to worry about keeping stock or the production process.

  • Save time to focus on sales. No more of those late nights packaging and shipping each order. When you hand over logistics to a dropshipping service, you automatically create more time to focus on marketing, product development, and customer service.

  • Sell worldwide. Awkward Styles provides both US and international shipping. Just picture your awesome product anywhere from a small town in Ohio to Canada or Australia!

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