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How do I withdraw funds from my account balance?
How do I withdraw funds from my account balance?

When will I receive my refund after it has been approved?

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Funds that have been deposited to your Awkward Styles balance, and that are available (e.g funds that haven’t been used for order fulfillment), can be withdrawn and refunded back to your original payment method.

How this works:

You can withdraw the refunded amount from your wallet by clicking on the "Withdraw" button in your Payments section.

Done! Note that the waiting time for the refund to appear in your balance depends on your financial institution or bank.

Regarding refunds, all claims go through a review process internally by our customer service team. After the review is done, the claim is either approved or denied. This process usually takes up to 72 hours.

Once our team approves a refund request, the refund will be credited to the balance of your Awkward Styles account. It will take 2-7 business days for the money to be reflected on the account.

You can find the refunded amount in your transactions history within your Payments section. Here, you can access the invoice and see the transaction's details.

Please note: The Awkward Styles Pro Plan bonus cannot be withdrawn, it can only be spent on products.

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