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How much is the Awkward Styles Pro plan?
How much is the Awkward Styles Pro plan?
Pricing for the Pro subscription
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Pricing for Awkward Styles Pro starts at $25 per month for a monthly subscription, and $20 per month for a yearly subscription (a total of $240, saving $60 per year compared to the monthly plan). Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions grant users the same features, the difference between the two is the monthly price.

Your first Pro subscription will also come with a one-time bonus credit with value depending on your subscription plan:

  • Monthly: $25

  • Yearly: $40

You can use this credit to;

  • Get your first sample order with your print files or, you can get creative designs from our Artist Library.

  • Pay for your pending orders

Interested? Click the button below to be redirected to our Pro page, where you can purchase your subscription.

Please note: If you acquire a pro-plan using a coupon code the bonus is not redeemable.

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