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What are the print file requirements?
What are the print file requirements?

For best optimal prints we require PNG, 300 DPI and follow size format.

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Print files come in all shapes and sizes. To ensure the most optimal print we need quality files to work with. Here are some things to keep in mind.

In terms of image quality, we recommend using JPG or PNG files with 300 DPI (dots per inch) quality. Our mockup generator will determine your design's quality based on the following ranges:

  • Low quality: Less than 100 DPI

  • Medium quality: 100-200 DPI

  • High quality: More than 200 DPI

Keep in mind that printing area measurements vary depending on the garment and variant size, so the same art file can yield different results for different SKUs.

Your design's quality (DPI) will be scaled up or down depending on the size changes you make while designing your product. Making your image bigger will decrease its quality, for example.

Medium quality is usually the standard for bigger products like tapestries or blankets. Higher qualities are used on apparel and other small products.

You can access the mockup generator by visiting our product catalog and choosing a product to start designing.

In legal terms, you may use any art files you created yourself or have the rights to use comercially.

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