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What kind of ink do you use?
What kind of ink do you use?

We have several printers which in turn use different types of ink.

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Since we work with several different printers and products our inks differ from machine to machine. We use water-based ink with most of our printers. These inks are eco-friendly and have ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified and CPSIA compliant, with the highest industry standards, with no sub animal products, toxin-free, and safe for children.

The inks used depends on the product or the result that customers look at in the final result. We have these types of inks:

DTG products: We have Kornit Robusto Neopigment, which uses water-based ink with the highest industry standards, not contains sub animal products, toxin-free and safe for children. More info on Kornit Ink here.

We also use Brother printers and the ink for those are Inobella Textile water-based inks, with improved wash durability and brighter colors. More info on Brother ink here.

Posters and canvas: Printer EPSON P10000 and uses Epson UltraChrome PRO ink, it guarantees the highest colors levels of vibrancy.

Metal art and sublimation products: We use the Mimaki printer, which uses ink that has the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland. More info on Mimaki ink here.

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