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How does shipping for orders containing multiple items work?
How does shipping for orders containing multiple items work?

It depends on the items ordered, not everything is stored in the same facility.

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If the order contains more than one item, it will be packaged in a single package and shipped under the same tracking number. There are some exceptions, for example, if the order contains a t-shirt and a poster, they will be shipped in different packages because the two items use different types of packaging.

It also depends If all the items were stored at the same facility, then yes. But not all items sold on Awkward Styles are kept in the same facility. Some items might come from our providers and may be shipped in two different packages if that is the case.

Although you might be getting several packages for one order depending on items, this way they will get to your destination sooner than waiting for all to be sent in one package. We have tracking numbers to provide and our merchant support can help out any step of the way.

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